Art Gallery Hard Art

Hard Art

The Tonasket City Gallery is providing an opportunity for the community to see the inspirations and talent of local individual artists and craftsmen.


  • Jody Olson
  • Tom Deebach
  • Cher Bower
  • Ephraim Brown
  • Carol Lanigan
  • Sarah Gelineau
  • Paul Gelineau
  • Sue Kramer
  • George Kramer
  • Margaret Swanberg
  • Bruce Townsend-Cook
  • Laurie Dorrell
  • Sandy Tauber

Past Galleries

We are all influenced by the images around us every day of our lives and each artist makes their own ingredients for each creation. The result is that each develops his/her own individual style in the process of making the art. We are fortunate to have a bounty of talented people in the area and the ability to show the work they create at the gallery.


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